Veda Ela’s Workshop & Master Classes

Veda Ela EVAZ

Veda Ela’s Workshop & Master Classes

March 25 till March 28

Veda Ela is an International Yoga Teacher with more than 25 years of experience guiding people to be more comfortable, compassionate and joyful on the mat and in their lives.

She lives and teaches in the pristine forest of Costa Rica. From March till July Veda tours Europe with her classes, workshop and mainly sharing “the Art of Relaxation and Being” through her Restorative Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training.

The EVA’Z Yoga & Pilates studio has been a frequent stop on Veda’s Tour Schedule through Europe in the the past years. And Veda Ela has already given well appreciated and inspiring workshops and master classes at the studio. So we are very proud that she will is coming back for more this year.

Veda Ela’s Workshop & Master Classes at EVA’Z

Sunday March 25

“From Movement to Stillness” | 12:30 – 17:00h | Workshop

A workshop that combines, movement, vinyasa flow & alignment, our Yang aspect, where the sympathetic nervous system is “at work”. The second part of this workshop, after a short snack break, is about relaxing, calming, no-doing: the Art of Relaxation through Restorative Yoga & Meditation. Balancing now with the parasympathetic nervous system.

Price € 75,-


Monday March 26

“Growing Roots” | 17:00 – 18:30h | Master Class

A Vinyasa Flow practice to ground us in the NOW.

Price € 35,-

“The Art of non-doing” | 21:00 – 22:15h |Master Class

A Yin & Restorative practice to work on deeper areas of the Body – Mind system

Price € 30,-


Tuesday March 27

“Liquid Asana” | 9:15 – 10:30h | Master Class

A vinyasa practice to flow our liquid body.

Price € 30,-

“Yin Yoga Practice” | 17:00 – 18:30h | Master Class

Working on connective tissue to gain flexibility.

Price € 35,-


Wednesday March 28

“Sequencing” |10:15 – 11:30h | Master Class

An effective practice for every day.

Price € 30,-

“The Art of Relaxation” | 17:00 – 18:30h | Master Class

Restorative practice to calm the mind and restore the body.

Price € 35,-


For reservations and any question about Veda Ela’s workshop and master classes at EVA’Z Yoga & Pilates, please sent an email to Please read our “algemene voorwaarden” to make sure you are aware of all the details concerning your reservation.

More info about Veda Ela’s work and Tour Schedule in 2018, visit her website